How to upgrade to the latest version of Wiki.js

Before upgrading

  • Your Wiki.js installation will not be accessible during the upgrade process.

  • No content will be lost. However, users should stop editing content and save their changes before starting the upgrade.

  • Verify that all content have been synced to the remote git repository.

  • Read the release notes of the latest release carefully, in case special upgrade instructions steps are provided.

If you disabled git synchronization, you must make sure to manually backup your /repo folder before proceeding with the steps below. You will then need to restore that folder upon completion.


  1. Make a backup of your config.yml to a secure location.

  2. Delete all files and folders in your Wiki.js installation folder (including the /data and /repo folders, these will be generated again automatically).

  3. Copy your config.yml backup file to its original location, at the root of your Wiki.js installation folder.

  4. Start Wiki.js: node wiki start